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Black Cats Gaming was created from a desire to make amazing games in a professional way. Between them, Sam Webb and James Barry have over 40 years of gaming experience and are combining this with a new mindset to bring new games to the tabletop.

This means being open about how and when we’re producing games and working with wonderful designers, artists, and players to build the experiences everyone can enjoy.

James Barry – Director and Founder

James is a veteran gamer, and has been playing wargames for over 20 years. He’s worked in all aspects of gaming, from retail management in a friendly local game store to QA for computer games, event production, and wargames design and development.

Trained as a writer and theatre producer, he worked at SEGA before joining Hawk Wargames to help develop Dropzone Commander. He moved to Modiphius Entertainment, where he managed the wargames development team and was the line manager on Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Kung Fu Panda the Board Game, and contributing writer for Star Trek Adventures.

Sam Webb – Creative Director and Founder

Sam started tabletop gaming at a young age with Warhammer 40k before moving onto Dungeons and Dragons in his last year at drama school, where he trained to be a theatre director.

​Sam runs live roleplay games. He began working in RPGs professionally soon after, and rose to be the head of RPG development at Modiphius Entertainment. As a line manager there he oversaw Star Trek Adventures and its supplements as well as overseeing Conan, Achtung! Cthulhu: 2d20 Edition and the John Carter of Mars roleplaying games.

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