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The Company

We care about our customers, our staff, our community, and our suppliers. We’ve created a set of values that we always aim to stick to as a company, as our guiding principles as we make games and entertainment that we hope people will love.

Our Company Values

We believe in spreading joy and wonder to customers, staff and all who use our products and services. In doing so everything we offer must be created with passion, drive and quality. We must constantly strive to reduce costs while maintaining our standards to maintain reasonable prices. Customers must have their needs met with openness and honesty. We must represent them faithfully as far as possible.

We must be responsible to our employees. Each person must be considered an individual, respected, treated with dignity and recognised for their merit. They must have a physically and emotionally safe working environment. They must feel supported, and have confidence that any issues or problems raise will be taken seriously and actioned. There must be as much security in their roles as possible, and they must feel comfortable bringing up any mistakes, owning them, and helping to fix them. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and offer constructive feedback at any level. All staff must feel a personal stake in the business and that the business has a stake in their growth, training and development. There must be equal opportunity for employment, and advancement for those qualified. Above all there must be open and honest communication between all staff, with professional respect for all at all times.

We are responsible to our community, to promote diversity, representation, and inclusion. We will have the moral courage to support causes we believe in, either vocally or in our work and social media presence. We must be good citizens, supporting good works and charities, and bear our fair share of taxes. We must follow through with these values in our treatment of staff, suppliers, customers and community, by our support for charities, and by our internal hiring, creative decisions, and marketing choices. We must work towards sustainability in our choices of materials and suppliers.

We must build our company without compromising these values. We must aim to make profit, and understand that our partners and suppliers must be dealt with fairly, and must have the opportunity to make profit as well. We must aim to make new products, research new methodologies and always be looking for new opportunities. We must create a reserve for adverse situations.