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The Spy Game

Peer behind the curtain of society into the world of the Agencies and take your place as a world class spy. Together with your crew of con-artists, specialists, infiltrators and hackers you will influence, subvert and overcome.

Will you topple corrupt governments and replace them with those more…favorable? Will you take out the target before they achieve their aims, or aid them? Will you counter worldwide threats, or become them yourselves?

Follow the Black Cats into a world of international espionage and intrigue in The Spy Game, available here!

–        Familiar D20 system in a covert setting, creating a brand-new spy experience

–        Select a wide range of covert operatives, creating your party to suit your roleplay style.

–        ‘Fantastical’ scale mechanic lets players and GMs play true to life thriller experiences or high-octane spy movie action with the same system.

–        Ranking and agency funding let you take on greater threats with more higher tech equipment as you advance.

The Spy Game was successfully Kickstarted in 2019,  and the physical versions are now available here!